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Spartans Gym

Spartans Gym goals are to allow their members to reach the highest level of fitness, while providing a safe and comfortable environment to live life to the fullest, healthiest potential. With that goal in mind, we are determined to create a top-quality gym. We will have the highest degree of equipment. Our target age for the gym is ages 18 to 35, as anyone younger than 18 would have to 14 years or older and accompanied by an adult and then anyone older than 35 begin to lose their desire to work out. Therefore, ages 18 to 35 is our desired target age. Our service is providing gym equipment for members to use and work out with, the equipment is state of the art from Dick’s Sporting Goods. This promotes a healthier style of life. If members want to step up their health, we also have personal trainers. Personal trainers will work with a member one on one to help them learn how to work out. We will also have work out classes.