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Midgard Beard


All-natural doesn’t apply to men’s beards anymore. Companies are pushing chemicals that are cheap to manufacture and least informative about what men are putting in their beards. The 18-29 year age group and the millennial segment are the potential target group for oil and wax products. Consumers want a product that is less harmful on their skin and beard. Midgard beard oil wants to provide a natural healthy beard. These are created with both carrier oils and essential oils, absolutes, and/or extracts. Carrier oils are oils that make up the bulk of the volume of the product and are formulated to condition the skin and beard. To reach the demographic the tone of the campaign will be informative. The three products will show the different types of scents that the consumer will get and provided information on the packaging. The logo is one of the other factors that will differentiate itself from the competition. The competition is between companies that want to provide natural ingredients in their products, such as Royal Beardmens.