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Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is a company that is designed to sync products to your phone and computer. This app is designed to cater to the gaming community by providing them with options to improve their gaming experience. The main challenge for this app was to figure out a logo that stands out and how the user experience would enhance the gaming experience. The app takes the user through a series of pages where the user will be able to customize any product they want to sync to their phone or computer. Desert Eagles colors were picked to make the app appear more professional and user friendly. The orange-red color makes the navigation easy and allows the user not to get to lost when exploring the many options that Desert Eagle offers.

Loading page

Front page

Sign Up page

Sign up for to customize your settings on a device

Login page

Login with app information or Facebook or Google

Home page

Add device to sync up

Loading Headphone page

Searching for device to pair with

Headphones home page

Change certain settings to headphones

Headphones setting page

Change the action when you tap

Equalizer page

Change how you listen to music

Loading mouse page

Searching for device to pair with

Mouse home page

Change certain settings to the mouse

RGB page

Change the RGB color of the mouse