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Deli Bros

Brisket Shop

Deli Bros. Brisket Shop is all about brisket sandwiches. This app is designed to cater the citizens of Philadelphia by providing them with easy and fast service. The main challenge for this app was to figure out the user experience and the demographic. The use of a Philly font was applied to the type for the base design of the app. The app takes the user through multiple journeys on how to order the sandwich and how to customize one’s own sandwich. Since this is a food-based app, the font color to the logo is a dark yellow. The red and the yellow are supposed to simulate someone’s appetite because the colors are associated with hunger. The clean and modern look brings the user experience to an easy to understand and quick usage to get a delicious brisket sandwich of their choice.

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Front page

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Sign Up page

Sign up and get access to rewards

Login page

Login with app information or Facebook or Google

Home page

Be able to order now or order previous order

Menu page

Different types of Briskets sandwiches

Build page

Customize a brisket sandwich

Scan page

Scan before paying for order

Rewards page

View rewards to see what offers you have

Payment page

Add cards to easily pay for order

Delivery page

Find locations in Philadelphia

Personal page

Add your information

Quiz page

Answer a question and get 20% off

Setting page

Change certain features in the app

In Bag page

View of order before purchase